Responsible Entertainment

Why responsible entertainment for us is no contradiction.

Gambling, as referred in the word as well, is a game, where with luck through coincidence you can get to win.

For the purpose the game stays a tool for entertainment the following golden rules should be always kept in mind:

  • Only play when it gives you joy. Always keep in mind, the game's purpuse is etertainment, no to get into any compulsive thoughts.
  • Avoid to play systematically. Our game conditions are always reachable for everyone, as well as there is always comprehensive information available regarding the signs of a gambling problems.
  • Stop whining. Under this definition we mean every player should stay among the his financial frames, so the eventual loss of money does not effect the player's financial intergrity.
  • Do not be greedy, stop in time, this way your game participation will be always pleasant and within safe conditions.

Responsible entertainment information:

Gambling should be fun and entertaining. In order for the game to remain a game, play in a self- controlled w

Tips how to handle gambling:

  • Definite a fix amount before you start to play, which you do not exceed, even if you loose.
  • Never play with borrowed money.
  • Never play with money, which already have had a purpose (for example rent, reparations, present for your child ,...)
  • Decide before how long you will play and do not play longer.
  • Never cope gambling with unpleasant feelings like anger, sadness, boredom or stress.
  • Never play when you are in a crisis situation.
  • Do not gamble, when with this activity you endanger your social or professional obligations.
  • Take breaks.
  • When you feel you are loosing control over your gambling behaviour, contact immediately our trained staff.
  • Look for suitable help by a counselling center (you can find the address on this page).
  • Keep the control over your behaviour, do not let your behaviour to control you!

In case any questions, please contact any of our staff, we are available to answer you any time.